FIELD OF DREAMS NORWEGIAN FJORDS is located in Eugene, Oregon, in the heart of the emerald green Willamette Valley, just one hour inland from the Pacific Ocean.

FIELD OF DREAMS is a year ‘round training, boarding, and breeding facility owned and operated by myself, Gayle, and my husband, Pat.

We raise Norwegian Fjord horses and currently have the largest herd in Oregon. We stand two stallions. Our senior stallion is the world renown reining Fjord, Woodland’s Dustin. Our junior stallion is Johan, a 1999 gray dun.

In 1985 Pat and I were happily breeding, training, and showing Quarter Horses on our ranch in Libby, Montana. The founding fathers of Libby decided to produce a Scandinavian festival to boost the community’s sagging economy. The festival would be named Nordicfest and would be held in the fall of each year. It would include ethnic food booths, numerous types of entertainment, and a parade.

In that parade were two very unusual horses which we had never seen before. They were called Norwegian Fjords. They were buckskin colored (Norwegians refer to them as brown duns), with a dark dorsal stripe that literally ran from their head, through their mane, down their back, and clear through to the end of their tail. The hair on the outside of their mane was white and the hair on the inside of the mane was black. It was cut in a crescent shape with the outer white hair cut shorter than the inner black hair. They reminded us of a Trojan horse!

The following year during Nordicfest, 9 Fjords came to Libby. They were basically put on display in the city ballpark. Some were saddled, some were pulling carts, and some were decked out in a pack string.

There were no overnight facilities for horses at the fairgrounds at that time, so those Fjords were boarded at our place.

As each of those Fjords arrived at our ranch and were unloaded from their trailers, they looked around to see where they were, rather shrugged their shoulders and looked at me as if to say, “When’s dinner?” There was no fussing, dancing around, or screaming as is often the case when we receive new horses.

Several of the Fjords were put in a pasture together. They looked around a bit and began grazing. We laughed and asked one of the owners how in the world they could tell them apart? You see, 90% of Fjords are the brown dun color. They all looked alike to us! Pat said at that time he thought we should own some of these horses.

The following year the Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group decided to put on an all-Fjord horse show in conjunction with Nordicfest. That show has since grown to one of the largest Fjord shows in North America, often boasting of over 100 Fjords in attendance. That is quite a significant number when you consider that there are only about 5,000 Fjords between Canada and the United States!

As that show grew, I began receiving Fjords in my barn for training. The first one was a 2-year-old stallion named WOODLAND’S DUSTIN, owned then by Chip Lamb of Sandpoint, Idaho. Therein began our lifelong love affair with this incredible, versatile, “Fjnominal Fjord” horse. We have become convinced that these are the horses that God created for His angels!

The Fjords’ distinctive appearance and kind temperament have hooked us forever. They are truly the little horse with the big heart capable of doing everything from pleasure riding to driving in harness to being your BEST FRIEND!

We invite you now to roam our realm of the mystical, magical, Norwegian Fjord horse, but a word of caution before you enter - Fjord horses are like potato chips - you can’t have just one.

WARNING ~~~~ their eyes will mesmerize you!

Gayle Ware

Field of Dreams
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